Neil Katyal: Liberals Should Back Gorsuch

Former Solicitor General, Neal Katyal, backs Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. In, what is sure to be surprising to some on the left, former Obama official Neal Katyal wrote an op-ed in the New York Times urging fellow liberals to support Trump nominee Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court of the United States.


"I have no doubt that if confirmed, Judge Gorsuch would help to restore confidence in the rule of law. His years on the bench reveal a commitment to judicial independence — a record that should give the American people confidence that he will not compromise principle to favor the president who appointed him. Judge Gorsuch’s record suggests that he would follow in the tradition of Justice Elena Kagan, who voted against President Obama when she felt a part of the Affordable Care Act went too far. In particular, he has written opinions vigorously defending the paramount duty of the courts to say what the law is, without deferring to the executive branch’s interpretations of federal statutes, including our immigration laws."





The Nuclear Nomination

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